PodioTools - Email for Podio

PodioTools enables full send and reply of emails directly from within any Podio App which gives the Podio user awesome power to keep all custom data and client communications in one 'database'.

What does it do?

Hook up YOUR Podio Apps(s) with PodioTools to enable:

  • Send and receive emails with non-Podio users from WITHIN a Podio Item.
  • Keep all email communications "in-context" within your Podio App
  • Setup an autoresponder for inbound emails
  • Setup autoresponders for Podio Webforms
  • Create Email Templates to Standardize Email Replies from your staff

More Features

How people use the PodioTools HelpDesk

IT Helpdesk Use it to track incoming IT helpdesk questions by email within a single Podio App. Run one single or multiple helpdesks for different departments as needed! Each can track, manage their helpdesk the way they see fit.
 Lead Tracking  Use it with your Leads app to communicate with inbound web lead forms.  Track/categorize and communicate with your leads all from the Podio Item.
 Vendor / Supplier Collaboration  Integrate conversations with vendors / suppliers who you do not wish to invite to your entire workspace.
 Agency Operations Management  Agency Operations Management helpdesk - manage all your client requests for updates to their websites, etc.  Manage ALL clients from ONE Podio App rather than creating a specific App for each client!
 Client Feedback  Gain client feedback on your products / services.  All in an actionable database, with direct ability to communicate with and track client communications.
 Web Form Communications  Use it with every webform to allow you to correspond with the submitter of the form for any additional / followup info needed.
 HR Applications  Use it with an 'Applications' Podio app to gain further details directly from user and have all communications stored in the Podio App.  Store letter templates for each step of the hiring process to standard all communications.  

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