Configuration Problems

  1. If you are having trouble getting the bookmarklets setup, please watch the video on this page.
  2. If you are getting this message from the Config form:  "Ticket Email already in use.  Please choose another Ticket Email Address" - well this means you have already saved a configuration using that Email address - you will need to change it to some other email address.  You can delete the Config from any PodioTools app by following item #4 below.  If you already deleted the App that was using that config and want to start over, please email and ask us to please remove that email address, let us know which one and tell us that you had already deleted the app so you can't use the "delete config" button.
  3. If you have configured PodioTools and NO emails are coming through, watch the most frequent configuration issues video.
  4. To remove PodioTools completely from a Podio App
    1. Navigate to your app in Podio
    2. Click the PodioTools Configure bookmarklet
    3. Click the "Delete Config" button at the bottom of the form
  5. If you are receiving an email that says: "PodioForbiddenError: PodioTools was not able to update Podio itemid", please make sure your App permissions are set correctly.  See this page for details.
  6. If you still have problems, email us at!

More Frequently Asked Questions