PodioTools Version 1.1

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Create autoresponders for Podio Webforms!

Have you ever wished you could setup an autoresponder for your Podio Web forms?  Well, NOW YOU CAN! 

Configure PodioTools with a Podio app and enable the Autoresponder and you’re done!  Now all Webform submissions (and manually entered Podio items) will received an autoresponder!  A comment will be added to the item with the PodioTools “blue arrow” icon that allows you to REPLY to the person submitting the webform.

Another cool side-effect of this feature is even when adding a new Podio item to an app, PodioTools will now add the “blue arrow” icon as a comment so that you can instantly be able to reply to that person (as long as you entered their email contact info).

Improved Formatting of HTML in Comments

Also in this release, we have improved the formatting of incoming emails into the Comments section especially:

  • embedded links such as this link will now be correctly linked in the comment area
  • headers such as H1, H2, etc will be correctly formatted
  • simple ordered or un-ordered lists will be formatted as lists

Beta Release of App Item Fields in Macros

Imagine you are wanting to setup an email template to reply to someone having a particular support request.  And you want to say something like:

We noticed that you reported the following:
<insert what they reported here>
PodioTools now supports for “text” type fields only the ability to insert the Podio app item field data directly into your email!  Support for more data types is coming soon!  Check out the “help” icon on the PodioTools Reply form for details on how to use this powerful feature!

We hope that these enhancements allow you to make Podio an even more powerful tool for your business! Have more ideas? Email us at support@podiotools.com.

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