PodioTools Version 3: Use your own Contacts App!

Tyra SteilBlog, podio email

Version 3 of PodioTools is here!

Here are the new enhancements in this Version:

  1. Support for the new Podio “Email” datatype.
  2. Use your own “Contacts” app for storing email contacts (instead of having to use workspace contacts)
  3. Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements

Here are some additional details on these enhancements.

Support for the new Podio “Email” datatype
Podio recently introduced a new datatype specifically used to store a person’s email address.  You may now use this datatype to store the email address of a contact in conjunction with the Related App support below.

Use your own “Contacts” App for storing email contacts
FINALLY, we have added support that so many have asked for – the ability to define your own “Contacts” app and use that for storing email contacts instead of the Podio “workspace contact” field.  Within your “Contacts” app we support using either a “text” or “email” field type for storing the person’s email address!  BOOM!

This new support opens up many capabilities and ensures PodioTools will continue to work with architectural changes made and being made by Podio in the near future.