January 2018 PodioTools Updates

Tyra SteilBlog, Uncategorized

PodioTools just got a number of overdue tweaks!  Here are a list of updates we have made this month to PodioTools!  Overall these changes mean that emails going in and out of PodioTools work the way you would expect them to!  

01/18/18 v3.7

  • Issue #12 – More tweaking for carriage returns to make overall formatting of emails as they come into Podio better

01/08/18 v3.6

  • Issue #10 – Make entire app use SSL for all pages

01/08/18 v3.5

  • Issue #9 – Handle automated subscriber payments to better automate account renewals

01/08/18 v3.4a

  • Issue #6 – When using the PodioTools Reply form, if what you are replying to had links in it, the links would be show up as Podio (markdown) style links instead of actual html style links.  This has been resolved.

01/04/18 v3.3a

  • Issue #1 – When user deletes Config, actually delete it instead of just marking it deleted.  This eliminates the problem where a trial user deletes their “test” config and then the system still won’t let them create a new config.
  • Issue #2 – ignored new invoice.upcoming events in stripe web hook, and ignore any future unknown events