January 2018 PodioTools Updates

Patrick Steil - Thursday, January 18, 2018

PodioTools just got a number of overdue tweaks!  Here are a list of updates we have made this month to PodioTools!  Overall these changes mean that emails going in and out of PodioTools work the way you would expect them to!  

01/18/18 v3.7

  • Issue #12 - More tweaking for carriage returns to make overall formatting of emails as they come into Podio better

01/08/18 v3.6

  • Issue #10 - Make entire app use SSL for all pages

01/08/18 v3.5

  • Issue #9 - Handle automated subscriber payments to better automate account renewals

01/08/18 v3.4a

  • Issue #6 - When using the PodioTools Reply form, if what you are replying to had links in it, the links would be show up as Podio (markdown) style links instead of actual html style links.  This has been resolved.

01/04/18 v3.3a

  • Issue #1 - When user deletes Config, actually delete it instead of just marking it deleted.  This eliminates the problem where a trial user deletes their "test" config and then the system still won't let them create a new config.
  • Issue #2 - ignored new invoice.upcoming events in stripe web hook, and ignore any future unknown events

PodioTools Version 3: Use your own Contacts App!

Patrick Steil - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Version 3 of PodioTools is here!

Here are the new enhancements in this Version:

  1. Support for the new Podio "Email" datatype.
  2. Use your own "Contacts" app for storing email contacts (instead of having to use workspace contacts)
  3. Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements

Here are some additional details on these enhancements.

Support for the new Podio "Email" datatype
Podio recently introduced a new datatype specifically used to store a person's email address.  You may now use this datatype to store the email address of a contact in conjunction with the Related App support below.

Use your own "Contacts" App for storing email contacts
FINALLY, we have added support that so many have asked for - the ability to define your own "Contacts" app and use that for storing email contacts instead of the Podio "workspace contact" field.  Within your "Contacts" app we support using either a "text" or "email" field type for storing the person's email address!  BOOM!

This new support opens up many capabilities and ensures PodioTools will continue to work with architectural changes made and being made by Podio in the near future.

PodioTools v 2.4 - 'Reply-To' Support, Audit BCC and better International Character Support

Patrick Steil - Monday, September 02, 2013

Announcing PodioTools v2.4 

PodioTools is proud to enhance Version 2.4 which enhances the functionality of our Podio Email integration software by providing the following features:

'Reply-To' Support

You can now configure PodioTools so that the email recipient will see your ACTUAL email address in the FROM.  When the recipient then clicks the "reply" button, the email will be addressed directly back to PodioTools so that the reply will get stored in Podio as desired.  

This provides the best of both worlds... the recipient doesn't see the PodioTools email address in the FROM - but the email still gets routed back to PodioTools as desired!

Audit BCC 

Ever want to monitor the emails your staff is sending / receiving using PodioTools?  Now you can!  Just set the Audit BCC field on the PodioTools configure form and you will get a "blind" CC (this doesn't get logged in the Podio Item) of all emails that get sent into PodioTools or that get sent out using PodioTools.

International Character Support

It came to our attention that PodioTools was not acting very nice when dealing with cyrillic characters... so we took care of that!  :)

We hope that these enhancements allow you to make Podio an even more powerful tool for your business! Have more ideas? Email us at support@podiotools.com.

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PodioTools Version 1.1

Patrick Steil - Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Create autoresponders for Podio Webforms!

Have you ever wished you could setup an autoresponder for your Podio Web forms?  Well, NOW YOU CAN! 

Configure PodioTools with a Podio app and enable the Autoresponder and you're done!  Now all Webform submissions (and manually entered Podio items) will received an autoresponder!  A comment will be added to the item with the PodioTools "blue arrow" icon that allows you to REPLY to the person submitting the webform.

Another cool side-effect of this feature is even when adding a new Podio item to an app, PodioTools will now add the "blue arrow" icon as a comment so that you can instantly be able to reply to that person (as long as you entered their email contact info).

Improved Formatting of HTML in Comments

Also in this release, we have improved the formatting of incoming emails into the Comments section especially:

  • embedded links such as this link will now be correctly linked in the comment area
  • headers such as H1, H2, etc will be correctly formatted
  • simple ordered or un-ordered lists will be formatted as lists

Beta Release of App Item Fields in Macros

Imagine you are wanting to setup an email template to reply to someone having a particular support request.  And you want to say something like:

We noticed that you reported the following:
<insert what they reported here>
PodioTools now supports for "text" type fields only the ability to insert the Podio app item field data directly into your email!  Support for more data types is coming soon!  Check out the "help" icon on the PodioTools Reply form for details on how to use this powerful feature!

We hope that these enhancements allow you to make Podio an even more powerful tool for your business! Have more ideas? Email us at support@podiotools.com.

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PodioTools new features: Email Templates and Dictation - Ver 1.0

Patrick Steil - Thursday, January 03, 2013

The PodioTools HelpDesk enables full send/reply of emails directly from within any Podio App and our new enhancements in Version 1.0 make this process even smoother and super efficient (in addition to many small bug fixes).

Email Dictation allows you to dictate an email in the PodioTools HelpDesk (when using Google Chrome). Be as efficient as possible by quickly speaking what you would normally type! Simply tap the microphone icon and start talking. (Requires a microphone and Google Chrome).

Want to save EVEN more time and standardize your business communications? What if you could take an email you just dictated and save it using another new feature, Email Templates. Email Templates enable you to easily save an email as a "template" and then quickly re-use that email in any future emails. Take advantage of this function to help standardize your business communications in your customer service, sales and support workspaces! And we took it a step further. You can also use "macros" to automatically insert the recipients name and more into the template email!

PodioTools  HelpDesk now offers international character support so that all of our friends overseas can enjoy and fully utilize PodioTools.

You now have the option to insert your Podio profile into your signature. You can include anything from your email address to your twitter handle. Even include your profile picture to add a personal touch to the email!

Our new ad-hoc CC and BCC function allows you to add CC/BCC addresses directly from the PodioTools Reply form.

We hope that these enhancements allow you to make Podio an even more powerful tool for your business! Have more ideas? Email us at support@podiotools.com.

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Announcing the Launch of PodioTools BETA!

Patrick Steil - Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hello everyone! We are very pleased to announce to you today that we are entering the beta period for the PodioTools HelpDesk product!!!!!!!

We have been working on this for the past few months and have what we think is a real game changer for all you Podio Users...

FYI, we will be closing this workspace soon and will continue all Beta discussions in a newer Workspace that you will be added to when you sign up for the beta here:

http://www.podiotools.com (check out the video overview of the product also!)