PodioTools v 2.4 – ‘Reply-To’ Support, Audit BCC and better International Character Support

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Announcing PodioTools v2.4 

PodioTools is proud to enhance Version 2.4 which enhances the functionality of our Podio Email integration software by providing the following features:

‘Reply-To’ Support

You can now configure PodioTools so that the email recipient will see your ACTUAL email address in the FROM.  When the recipient then clicks the “reply” button, the email will be addressed directly back to PodioTools so that the reply will get stored in Podio as desired.  

This provides the best of both worlds… the recipient doesn’t see the PodioTools email address in the FROM – but the email still gets routed back to PodioTools as desired!

Audit BCC 

Ever want to monitor the emails your staff is sending / receiving using PodioTools?  Now you can!  Just set the Audit BCC field on the PodioTools configure form and you will get a “blind” CC (this doesn’t get logged in the Podio Item) of all emails that get sent into PodioTools or that get sent out using PodioTools.

International Character Support

It came to our attention that PodioTools was not acting very nice when dealing with cyrillic characters… so we took care of that!  🙂

We hope that these enhancements allow you to make Podio an even more powerful tool for your business! Have more ideas? Email us at support@podiotools.com.

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